I'm Standing By, Chambless Said In A Tone Of Sarcasm, As If Waiting For A Phone Call From Washington.

May 19, 2018

Florida Physician

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Among the findings in the Senate Intelligence Committee Preliminary report we released this week is that during the 2016 election cyber actors were in a position to, at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data in a number of states. #Sayfie Read more: Rubio's red alert: Florida election officials 'overconfident' Taken aback by Rubio's initial criticism, Chambless and a second supervisor, Dana Southerland of Taylor County, separately tried to speak to the senator. Both told the Times/Herald they got no response from his office. "I'm standing by," Chambless said in a tone of sarcasm, as if waiting for a phone call from Washington. "I know it's coming." Said Southerland, president of the state association of election supervisors: "I'm not really sure where he's getting his information." She said such criticism "erodes the voters' confidence in the election." UPDATE: On Friday, Rubio issued a statement that said, "Florida's electoral importance will always make us a prime target. I encourage our competent election officials in Florida to continue to take this threat seriously, and I look forward to discussing this issue further with them." Rubio's office said he will set up meetings with the county officials and that Southerland was contacted Thursday. A third supervisor, Pasco's Brian Corley, also said Rubio's initial remarks were inaccurate. Corley said he and his colleagues are "hyper-vigilant" about cyber threats and are continuously updating their contingency plans. "It is my hope that in the future, the senator or his staff would confer with (supervisors) on our actual efforts to address election cybersecurity in lieu of inaccurate assumptions," Corley said.

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Florida Physician

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